Sports Physiotherapy

Expert treatment of all sporting inju​ry

Hele​n Cooper h​as completed Level 3 in Sports Physiotherapy and her Masters in Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy from La Trobe University. This makes her one of the few Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists in the region. She has worked with many different sports people, dancers and musicians.  She was a ​physiotherapist for the Commonwealth Games and has done work with the QAS long and high jumpers. Helen is a qualified Masters swimming coach and has a special interest in swimming shoulders and runners hips. Having trained in pelvic floor examination and treatment, she is uniquely skilled at management of the sports hip and pelvis. 

Kareena is a qualified Sports Trainer and helps out with local Rugby League and AFL games. ​She has done further training is the management of hip conditions, lumbar spine strengthening and the sporting shoulder.

Greg Cooper, our Allied Health Assistant, is a registered Paramedic with over 15 years experience in first aid.

Aged Care - Add life to your years

Physiotherapy​ can help you stay active longer

Exercise is the best medicine. Sometimes pain or weakness can interfere with staying fit. Physiotherapy can help you to keep your body strong and mobile. Programs can be tailored to improving your balance and co-ordination. The physiotherapists are h​appy to assist you in setting up a suitable and safe program at the local gym, in the pool or at home.

Exercises groups are available which address strength and balance. Please ring and book for these.

Gordonvale Physiotherapy is registered with various Aged Care Providers and is involved with providing physiotherapy services for Short Term Restorative Care Packages.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Management after surgery

After any surgery your body needs a chance to heal and recover. Initially physiotherapy may help with gently moving your ​body so that range of movement is maintained. After a few weeks you will be ready to get your muscles strong and movements b​ack to normal. Physiotherapy can help guide and optimize your rehabilitation.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Assessment of developmental delays in children

Sometimes babies do not develop as quickly as expected and physiotherapy programs can assist the child to maximize their potential.

Helen Cooper ​ha​s worked in many settings, treating children with a range of developmental problems. We are happy to work with NDIS clients.

Persistent pain

Fi​bromyalgia, Chronic Low Back Pain, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, Pelvic Pain

Sometimes pain stays around long after tissues are healed and strong pain medications are not helping. Learning about the nature of pain and how our emotions and personal history can influence what we feel can empower people to impr​ove their quality of life. Helen has done advanced training in pain management through the University of Sydney and Uni SA. She can assist in developing a effective rehabilitation plan. Helen is trained to treat pelvic pain.

Sports Coverage

​Sports Trainer and first aid coverage​

Gordonvale Physiotherapy have qualified Sports Trainers and can do first aid and strapping for sporting events. Phone to arrange coverage.​ 

Special interest in Women's and Men's Health Physiotherapy

Helping wo​m​en ​with pregnancy and continence issues

Helen has completed the Level 1 APA Pelvic Floor course, Anthony Lo " the Female Athlete Course" and various courses with Women's Health Physiotherapy Association's Taryn Hallum. This enables her to manage pre and postnatal exercises, women's musculoskeletal issues, urinary stress incontinence, overactive bladder, prolapse, bowel incontinence and pelvic pain. These appointments are usually 1 hour in duration to be able to do a thorough assessment. If you have a Medicare Care Plan the assessment may be divided over 2 or 3 sessions. 

Helen has completed courses in Men's Health and can assist with rehab pre and post prostate surgery. Physiotherapy can help to manage continence and erectile disfunction, common with the treatment of Prostate Cancer.

Vestibular Rehabilitation​

Assessment and management of dizziness and balance issues

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based program, designed to improve balance and reduce problems related to dizziness. Both Helen and Kareena are specially trained in this area. You will be thoroughly assessed and guided through an evidence based series of exercises and treatment.